When a buyer adds a product to their shopping cart and checks out, Soko Janja processes their order following these steps:

  1. Soko Janja places the order in Pending status.
  2. Soko Janja verifies the order. Soko Janja attempts to validate the buyer's payment method and order details. At this stage, you will see one of three different status types:
  • Unshipped

Payment verification is successful. See step 3.

  • Pending

Payment verification is initially unsuccessful or extended. In some cases, our payment and order detail verification processes may extend order processing times, potentially for as long as 7 days. Pending orders will not be shipped, even if the buyer contacts the seller directly

  • Canceled

An order gets canceled if payment authorization does not succeed or in cases of fraud. Soko Jnaja will not notify you when an order is canceled. No further action is necessary.

       3. When payment is verified on an order, Soko Janja does the following:

  • Changes the status to Unshipped
  • Sends an order confirmation to the buyer with the estimated delivery date
  • Sends an order notification to the seller


  1. We process the order. Once an order is in Unshipped status, the seller must either fulfill or cancel the order. Keep in mind that buyers can leave feedback on seller-canceled orders.
  • Get the delivery address

Note: To protect confidential buyer information, Soko Janja does not include the buyer’s delivery address in the Sold, Ship Now email.

  • Ship the order to the buyer using the delivery address and the requested shipping method.
  • Confirm shipment


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