List of products by brand Elizabeth Tomasi

Beaded Masai Anklet

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Price KES100.00

The anklet is made from the Masai beads beautifully stitched together to bring put this beautiful piece.

You can also out it on your wrist  whichever looks better.


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Price KES50.00

This bookmarks are made from leather and then decorated with animal paintings.

They come in different shapes and sizes.

Dinning Coaster (L)

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Price KES2,100.00

This coaster is large enough to place a plate. The coaster is used to hold the a plate and avoid leaving burn marks on the table. It comes in a set of 6 with beautiful drawings of different animals.

Jewelry Box

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Price KES850.00

Thus jewelry box is made in the shape of Africa but you can get it customized in whatever shape you want. 

It has a secret key that is used to unlock the box. It comes in beautiful colors.

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