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Assorted Owl Sculpture

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Price KES150.00
  • Outside a home or office, take care to place a decorative owl sculpture or a pigeon-hater owl (a resin or plastic lifelike owl designed to scare away pests) facing away from the house or front door/main entrance.
  • Use an owl placed to confront a busy street when the traffic flow is perpendicular to your home. 

Dolphin Soapstone Sculpture

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Price KES200.00

Get this 6inch representation of of a chiefly marine, cetacean mammal with a fishlike bod, large, smooth and grey with pointed mouth and bring your home that antique decor look.

They come in different color and sizes.

Hippo Bowl Sculpture

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Price KES250.00

This is a 6inch soapstone curved  bowl that is best used for the home decor decoration, garden and outdoor etc. It comes in different colors and sizes.

Soap stone Coasters

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Price KES350.00

Add some stylish finishing touches to your home with this fabulous handmade soapstone coaster. They have all soets pf animal design drawn on it that captures your love for wild animals. They come in 6pieces  per coaster.

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