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Price KES850.00

Quality tracksuit consisting of a trouser and jacket. Trouser is fitted with an elastic waistband for great fit.

Material composition: Linen

Colour: Blue, green, red, yellow, maroon & all other colours.

Features: Classical design, casual & solid colour.

Price depends on the size.

School Tracksuit

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Price KES750.00

Age:3-18 years old boys and girs .Material Composition:Linen Fabric Colour:Khaki,Grey,Navy,Black,Maroon, Brown, Green, Red,Blue,Yellow, Orange, and all other colours. Features:Classical design, Casual, Solid colour, Flat front.

More Details: - a loose, warm set of clothes consisting of a sweatshirt and trousers, elasticated or drawstring Waist,Hook Close sure For all Sizes.

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