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Chopper Machine

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Price KES173,400.00

Chopper used for chopping maize stock, Napier grass, grind hay and maize cob. Comes with drivers. The machine is durable and is the ideal machine for cutting hard grains into smaller sizes. This machine is compact, fast to install and easy to use. Ideal for small size dairies, piggeries, livestock farms and horse farms.

Briquettes Machine

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Price KES81,600.00

Briquettes machine used to making charcoal, saw dust ,coconut husk and rice husk.Comes with drivers. The machine is durable. This machine is compact, fast to install and easy to use.

Disk Mill

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Price KES81,600.00

The roller mill is used to grind Unga or flour. The machine is durable and produces quality Unga or Flour .

Drum feed mixer

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Price KES35,700.00

The drum feed mixer is an animal feed mixer. It guarantees equal distribution of nutrients for your animals and it is recommended for those making feeds.

Deep Fryer

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Price KES61,200.00

70 L Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Counter top Deep Fryer. 

Tank Capacity: 70 L

Can be used to fry different types of snacks.

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