Carrier bags

Carrier bags

عامل التصفية النشط

Sisal Sling Bag with...

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السعر 2,100.00 KES

Kiondo's are such a unique piece to include in your bag accessory. You can incorporate the kiondo in your modern outfit and it will bring out this cool unique vibe into your look any day every day. It comes in different sizes, shapes and fabric ie, woolen or sisal fabric.

Medium African Yarn Kiondo-Basket
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Medium African Yarn...

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السعر 850.00 KES

This sisal and yarn woven basket is handmade by a weaving group in southeastern Kenya, by women of the Kamba tribe. Sourcing sisal locally and purchasing yarn in the market, the women make these strikingly beautiful baskets. Use this African basket as a planter, storage basket, or shelf decor and add a pop of colour to your home!

African Handwoven Sisal Kiondo Bag
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African Handwoven Sisal...

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السعر 1,600.00 KES

The bag is made of Sisal Grass. It is Handwoven in Africa.
Spacious bag is perfect for beach or picnic outings. Also for occasions. 
Made from tough sisal fibres that are dyed a beautiful brown.
Perfect for shopping, lots of room!
Soft leather handles.

Large Contribution Basket

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السعر 750.00 KES

This sisal, finely woven basket is handmade in Kenya. The women hand-dye the sisal fibers and weave them into these beautiful works of art. Use this African basket as a contribution basket ,storage basket, a plant holder, or to brighten up a shelf! 

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